Beam Suntory's new Bourbon Legent available

West meets East in the new premium product


Two great personalities of the whiskey scene have created the Legent, a new Bourbon, that Beam Suntory already introduced in March 2019 and now started to conquer the German and other European markets.

Fred Noe, seventh-generation master distiller of Jim Beam, and Shunji Fukuyo, fifth master blender of Suntory, have worked together on the Legent project, combining Western and Far Eastern art, Beam Suntory announces in a press release. "Legent is all our passion for good bourbon. It shows: whiskey can be redefined, it is alive and can always surprise”, Fred Noe is quoted.

Produced using a historical recipe of the Noe family from corn, rye, malted barley and soft, mineral-rich limestone water, the Bourbon is stored for at least four years in fresh, charred white oak barrels. Part of this Bourbon then undergoes a finish in ex-red wine barrels, another part in ex-sherry casks. Blending the new product master Shinji Fukuyo combines long years of experience and the art of Eastern whiskey blending. He marries the two finished Bourbons with original Kentucky Straight Bourbon to create the complex Legent.

Tastingnotes for the Legent

Color: warm, sunny gold tones with reddish-brown undertones

Aroma: rich, traditional notes of bourbon and wood, complex spicy notes, mild, fruity with pleasant undertones of wine and sherry casks

Taste: distinctive aromas criss-cross the palate, welcome notes of dried raisins and dates, warm, pleasant baking spice, light acidity and sweetness, a hint of bitterness from the sherry casks

Finish: pleasantly light on the tongue, long-lasting finish

Image: Beam Suntory