Beam Suntory to invest $400 million in Jim Beam expansion and production of natural gas

Booker Noe Distillery in Boston will increase production capacity by 50 percent


Increasing production capacity while significantly increasing its use of renewable energy: Beam Suntory plans to invest $400 million in expanding Booker Noe Distillery in Boston, Kentucky, to achieve these plans by 2024.

The planned investments in the distillery in which Jim Beam Whiskey is made have been known since July, but now the company is focusing on the switch to natural gas in a news release. Production is to be increased by 50% while greenhouse gas emissions are to be reduced by the same proportion.

Beam Suntory has entered in an agreement with 3 Rivers Energy Partners to convert most of its energy use to natural gas. Opposite the distillery, a plant is being built in which spent stillage and waste products from production are converted into natural gas. This in turn is then used to operate the distillery. High-quality fertilizer will also be produced in the new plant and will be available to local farmers. Upon completion of the expansion, Booker Noe Distillery will operate on 35% fossil natural gas and 65% renewable natural gas.

The expansion, construction of new warehouses and construction of the natural gas plant will create 51 new jobs, Beam Suntory explains in its news, quoting President and CEO Albert Baladi: “We are committed to making a difference by investing in cleaner technologies and systems, and the expansion and significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from this project does just that with our biggest brand. This expansion will help ensure we meet future demand for our iconic bourbon in a sustainable way that supports the environment and the local community that has helped build and support Jim Beam.”

Source: Beam Suntory