Beam Suntory presents the blended whisky Toki

Blended from malt and grain of three Suntory distilleries

A new product joined the Beam Suntory family: Toki is the name of this blend that is bottled with 43% ABV and without an age statement. In this release the company unites whiskies of its three distilleries Hakushu, Yamazaki and Chita. The Toki had already been launched in 2016, but now enters the German market as well.

The Japanese word Toki is similar to „time“. This name was carefully chosen for the product so the press release of Beam Suntory explains: “The name resembles that this blend connects the past, the present and the future because it stands for authentical Japanese enjoyment, honors the Japanese culture and is nevertheless of a modern kind.

A Japanese blend of grain and malt whiskies

Traditionally the blended whiskies of Suntory are based on the Yamazaki Single Malt as the key component. With the Toki Suntory chose another way and backs on the single malt Hakushu American White Oak Cask and grain from Chita Distillery. In this way the fruity freshness of the light malt and the sweet vanilla of the heavy grain merge. Shinji Fukuyo, who created this blend, set on a harmonic balance between the aromatic of malt and grain. For him the grain is not only the basic framework for the blend that is characterized by the malts as usual. He regards the grain and the malt having equal importance. This marriage of Hakushu und Chita is then joined by two single malts of Yamazaki: American Oak Cask with peach and vanilla notes und Spanish Oak Cask with its aromas of oak and bitter-sweetness.

High demand, low stock – Suntory backs on of no age statement strategy

The demand for Japanese whisky has been increasing during the last years and sales have quadrupled since 2014 Beam Suntory reports. The blend Toki was created to meet this demand. The launch of this no age statement blend on the Euopean market happens at a time the company discontinues Hibiki 17 (we reported here) and Hakushu 12.

Bild: Beam Suntory