Beam-Suntory presents new Bourbon release: Jim Beam Single Barrel

Single barrel releases will join the Beam portfolio

Beam Suntory is to release a new product of its Jim Beam range: Fans of the Kentucky Straight Bourbon can look forward to the first single barrel release in the 223 years lasting history of Jim Beam.

The new Jim Beam Single Barrel will enhance the portfolio of the famous Bourbon brand with those bottlings, showing the individual characters they got by maturation in American white oak barrels. One is different from the other. The alcoholic strength is 47.5 % ABV. This has been chosen deliberately as homage to the first barrel filled by Jim Beam in 1795: 47.5 % ABV is 95 proof in American units. About 200 bottles can be bottled from one barrel and they will all be numbered by hand. In June the Jim Beam Single Barrel will be available in several European countries.

Only about one percent of the barrels stored in the Beam warehouses are qualified for the Single Barrel bottlings said Master Distiller Fred Noe who selects all of the barrels himself. Five to six years does it take until the whiskey is fully matured. This is quicker than in Scotland because temperatures in Kentucky are much higher and there are extreme variations in temperature. After this time the Bourbon developed its typical aroma of caramel, vanilla and oak. But of cause each of the single barrel bottlings will be slightly different in character.

Foto: Beam Suntory