Beam Suntory invests $60 million in a new distillery, extension of the visitor center and research

The company's operations in Clermont will be managed by The James B. Beam Distilling Co.

The company Beam Suntory will invest approximately $ 60 million in its newly formed The James B. Beam Distilling Co. Under their roof, all existing beam projects in Clermont, Kentucky, such as the Jim Beam American Stillhouse and the upcoming projects, will be bundled. The name The James B. Beam Distilling Co. is a tribute to the history of the Beam company, it was its name in the years after the Prohibition.

In addition to enhancing the visitor center and found the James B. Beam Institute for Kentucky Spirits for research, a significant portion of the announced investments will flow into the construction of the Fred B. Noe Craft Distillery, for which Beam Suntory now has broken ground for. The distillery will be the new home of small-batch bourbons such as Booker's and Baker's and the new Little Book brand. But it is also called "home of future innovation" in a recent press release, so new, experimental products can be expected. The name of the distillery is also an homage; it honors the master distiller of the 7th generation, Fred Noe.

Freddie Noe, 8th generation member, says: "At Beam Suntory, we like to say that we're all One Big Family, and what we're beginning here today reinforces our leadership in bourbon, and sets us up for the future. Now I can't think of anyone who's set up the future of bourbon any better than my dad, so I can hardly begin to express my pride in naming this new distillery after him."

Image: Beam Suntory