Barry MacAffer is the new manager of Laphroaig

The Ileach succeeds John Campbell as a manager of the Islay distillery


In a newsletter today, Barry MacAffer introduces himself to the Friends of Laphroaig as Laphroaig's new distillery manager. After long-term manager John Campbell had moved to the new Lochlea Distillery in November 2022 (we reported), Barry MacAffer had already taken on the tasks on an interim basis and is now officially confirmed in his office.

Barry MacAffer practically grew up next door to the distillery, he writes, and is now honoured to have the opportunity to lead it. He has been part of the distillery team since 2011. He started out as a worker in the warehouses and on the malting floors. As "The Malt Boy" he was taken under their wing by the experienced team, familiarized with all tasks and trained. After five years at the mashroom and the stills, he became assistant manager. During the past five years he has been able to learn everything from John Campbell that is necessary to run a distillery and produce Laphroaig Single Malt Whisky.

"I recognize the responsibility I have to continue to build on the legacy of Laphroaig and match the almost unparalleled dedication of John, Ian and Bessie, and that of my other incredible predecessors," said MacAffer. “I look forward to continuing to partner with you and to your support; the warmth I have experienced from the Friends of Laphroaig during my more than ten years working for this distillery has been incredible. You have my unwavering commitment that I will continue with passion and honesty to craft our famous peaty single malt for you and our team here and to work on its enduring story.”


Image: Laphroaig