Balvenie closes the DCS Compendium series with the fifth chapter

The “Indulgence” single malts are between 16 and 56 years old


For the fifth and final chapter of the DCS Compendium series, Balvenie has reached deep into history and into the warehouses and presents, along with four other exceptional single malts, the label's oldest whisky: a bottling of an Oloroso Sherry Hogshead, 56 years old. It had been in storage since 1962, the year when Malt Master David Charles Stewart MBE started working for William Grant & Sons. The DCS Compendium series is dedicated to him and he has selected each of the casks for the series himself.

“I work for a family company and I’m allowed just to hold on to whisky, not always knowing what I’m going to do with it but not forced to bottle it at a saleable age, we just let it mature on,” said David C Stewart Balvenie's, quoted on Balvenie's website where detailed information on the five "Indulgence" releases is given.

This chapter follows the previous four ones: "Distillery Style" from 2015, "The Influence of Oak" from 2016, "The Secrets of the Stock Model” from 2017 and “Expect the Unexpected” from 2018. The series thus comprises 25 single malts whiskys in total The “Indulgence” releases represent milestones in David C. Stewart's career with William Grant & Sons. 50 complete sets of this chapter are available worldwide for £59,000 each, but you can also purchase them separately.

The five whiskies of the DCS Compendium Chapter Five

  • 1962 European Oak Hogshead, 56 years old
    1962 was the year David C. Stewart started working for William Grant & Sons.
  • 1974 Refill American Oak Barrel, 44 years old
    That year David C. Stewart was appointed Master Blender and became responsible for the Grants Blended Whiskies and the Glenfiddich and Balvenie Single Malts.
  • 1983 Refill American Oak Hogshead, 35 years old
    The Balvenie Classic was launched that year, a whisky with a sherry cask finish.
  • 2001 European Oak Fino Sherry Butt, 18 years old
    This is the first Balvenie bottling of a Fino Sherry Butt ever.
  • 2002 First Fill American Oak Barrel, 16 years old
    Every year since 2002, Balvenie has been having a “Peat Week”, a week in which peated whisky is produced. This cask was the first to be filled with peated new make in 2002 - so this is a smoky Balvenie.

Image: William Grant & Sons