Ballechin 15 Years Cask Strength soon to join the core range

The peated Highland whisky from Edradour will be released in small batches


The Ballechin Single Malt Whisky is the smoky brother of the Edradour and has won a wide fan base since its first appearance in 2003. Now a new 15-year-old edition was announced. It will be produced in small batches, but is intended to be a permanent addition to the Ballechin portfolio. It says „SBCS“ on the label: Small Batch Cask Strength - this is how this and all future batches of this Ballechin 15 Years will be released.

The first batch, which is limited to 3,126 bottles, will be available exclusively in Germany. The whisky, which is not chill-filtered and bottled in a natural colour, shows up with 59.4% ABV. It combines heavy peat smoke and a lovely sherry character: With at least 50 ppm, the Ballechin belongs to the heavyly peated whisky fraction and this 15-year-old was vatted from first fill bourbon barrels and second fill Oloroso sherry butts.

When exactly the Ballechin 15 years SBCS will be available cannot yet be said, the news came as a preview from the German importer.

In order to meet the high demand, a second distillery was built three years ago on the site of the Edradour Distillery. The production plant of the old distillery was copied exactly so that production could be doubled and the unpeated Edradour and the peated Ballechin are now produced in separate distilleries.

Image: Kirsch Whisky