Australian entrepreneur buys Bladnoch and enlists Ian Macmillan

The Master Blender of Burn Stewart will join Bladnoch in October

The future of Bladnoch Distillery had been uncertain since its way into liquidation but now the fans of the Lowland distillery can breathe freely again: The Australian buyer announced the restart of whisky production. The new owner is David Prior. He made a name in the yoghurt start up “five:am” in Australia and several millions Dollars. Now he changed from yoghurt to whisky and he starts his new business very professionally.

From Australian yoghurt to Bladnoch whisky

About 25.000 litres was the annual production of Bladnoch when they stopped distilling six years ago. In 18 months David Prior will increase it up to 1.5 million liters. The team of ten employees will be part of the new company and it is planned to double it next year. As a guarantor for the best possible development of distillery and whisky Prior will have two well experienced persons at his side: Gavin Hewitt, former chief executive of the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) and Ian Macmillan, Manager and Master Blender of Burn Stewart Distillers.

Gavin Hewitt und Ian Macmillan join Bladnoch

Ian Macmillan started his whisky career at the age of 18 at Glengoyne, so he is very familiar with the style of a Lowland whisky. At Burn Stewarts he redefined the style of Deanston, Tobermory and Bunnahabhain and pushed the labels back to the top. With him at Bladnoch one can hope for a very positive development of the whisky.

Prices already set for blends and single malt whisky

Together with the acquisition of the Bladnoch Distillery David Prior also got his hands on the whisky stock. According to his statement this makes up about 20.000 cases of 10 to 15 year old whisky. Already at the end of this year a blended malt will be releases. According to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald Prior will set a price of $70 for a bottle of this blend and $200 for a single malt for “Connoisseurs”.


Source: Sydney Morning Herald