Ardbeg to expand and double its production capacity

The Islay distillery will build a new still house

Ardbeg follows the trend that can be seen throughout the Sottish whisky industry: It’s the time of expansion and increasing productions. In a newsletter Ardbeg informed its Committee Members about plans to double up the number of its stills from two to four.

Ardbeg is one of the smallest distilleries on Islay, but the demand for its peated single malt has been steadily growing since the re-opening in 1997, let it be the standard Ardbeg Ten or the new Ardbeg An Oa. So it probably was only a matter of time that Ardbeg follows Kilchoman’s example: There the production capacity is just doubled and in several sources we can read about Laphroaig’s expansion plans.

Construction of a new boilerhouse has already started, but the plans for the new still house will be presented to the people of Islay before turning the first sod. Works are to start this year and will be finished in 2019 so that production in the new still house can soon start. It will be situated where in 1980 some old warehouses had been demolished. These new constructions won’t influence the familiar appearance of the Ardbeg Distillery so Mickey Heads affirms in the committee newsletter.