Ardbeg Supernova returns

The most peated of all Ardbegs will soon be released as a Committee bottling


With the Ardbeg Supernova, the Islay distillery has already celebrated several considerable successes. For the first time, this most peated of all Ardbeg bottlings was released in 2009, most recently in 2015 to celebrate the three-year stay of an Ardbeg sample on the ISS. Now Ardbeg Supernova is back, but probably only for a short time, as Mickey Heads, Distillery Manager of Islay Distillery, says in a press release: "This incredible peat eruption of the Supernova makes this series so popular with the Ardbeg Committee. Supernova 2019 is the fifth edition and will surely be sold out in no time."

Common retailers will probably not have the chance to offer this Ardbeg Supernova with its 53.8% ABV. It will be released on October 1st, 2019 for the price of 150 Euro as a committee bottling and is thus reserved for those who are members of the "fan club" of the distillery. Around 100,000 members already belong to this committee. It is not revealed how many bottles this limited edition of the new Ardbeg Supernova 2019 includes, but this whisky is likely to be sold out quickly again.

Tasting notes for the Ardbeg Supernova 2019 Committee Release

The color: Bright bronze

In the nose: clouds of tart anise, menthol and eucalyptus are surrounded by a sweet toffee scent. A touch of peppermint, some fennel and a distant, mysterious scent of camphor oil appear. With a little water more toffee notes with dry earthy peat.

On the palate: A tingling-peppery mouthfeel leads to a veritable eruption of intense, earthy-smoky notes - with a fragrant mist of campfires, soot, smoky oak, birch tar and menthol.

In the finish: Incredibly long, with various layers of soft toffee, anise, oak tannins, cloves and a breeze of bittersweet, spicy Sevilla oranges in the finish.

Images: Ardbeg