Ardbeg Day 2019 celebrates Caribbean carnival

A finish in rum barrels characterizes the Ardbeg Drum


Every year there is a special motto for the Ardbeg Day. Last year we were invited to the Peat & Love Festival revived the flower-power era and enjoyed the Ardbeg Groove. The Ardbeg Day 2017 and its special bottling Ardbeg Kelpie were all about Kelpie and other mythical creatures. Storytelling and colorful goes on and this year we will learn how a Scottish distillery celebrates Caribbean carnival: The Ardbeg Day 2019 will take place on June 1st on Islay and the Ardbeg Drum will be launched, a whisky that was finished in American rum casks.

We are not quite sure whether it’s "Drum" because a Caribbean Steel Drum is so important for that Caribbean feeling or "Drum" because it’s Ardbeg DRum – a whisky with a special twist formed by the finish in rum casks. Anyway – this year’s Ardbeg Day will be as colorful as last year’s.

And like every year, there will be an Ardbeg Day Committee Release of the Ardbeg Drum, available only to club members and only available online directly from Moet Hennessy or in the distillery itsself. On 6 March, collectors and Ardbeg fans will once again maltreat their F5 button and let the server run hot to get the chance to get their hands on one of those Ardbeg Drum Committee Releases with 52% ABV.

Tasting notes:

Nose: In Drum, fragrant pine resin and woodsmoke dance alongside ripe banana and pineapple in a downright wondrous paradiddle of aromas, before parading into smoked apples and dry cocoa powder. Distant ginger, spiced dates and cinnamon sway into floating notes of lavender.

Taste: On the palate, waves of smoke, tar and creosote cascade into a dry peppery mouthfeel. Clove, liquorice and ginger strut towards rich notes of dark chocolate and smoked vanilla.

Finish: Intense smoke, roasted coffee liqueur and a treasure trove of sweet spices come together in one deliciously complex crescendo.


Have you already watched our video with Horst and Ben tasting the Ardbeg Grooves last year? Here it is: 


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