Ardbeg announces Mickey Heads' retirement

The distillery manager will step down this year


The Ardbeg Committee members were the first to be informed this morning: Mickey Heads, Ardbeg's long-time distillery manager, will say goodbye. His official retirement date is only in October, but now it is up to Ardbeg to look for a successor and to do everything possible for a smooth transition.

For thirteen years, Mickey Heads has successfully run the Islay distillery. He is at home on the island and that will not change even after he ends his professional life. You will still be able to see him on Islay - on his way to go fishing, visit concerts or on other occasions.

Not stepping down as distillery manager before autumn, Mickey Heads will celebrate Ardbeg Day 2020 as usual with the visitors and employees, the information letter announces, which is sent by Distillery Visitor Centre Manager Jackie Thomson. Mickey Heads will retain his position as Committee Chairman for three more years after retirement; Committee members can therefore look forward to receiving mails from Mickey Heads for quite a while.

Image: Petra Milde /