Arbikie 1794 Highland Rye – From Field to Bottle

The Scottish single grain whisky was matured in fresh American oak


The Scottish single grain whisky was matured in fresh American oak The Arbikie Highland Estate Distillery is still quite new to the whisky market. In 2019 they launched their whisky, the first Scottish rye whisky. Meanwhile Arbikie Whisky is also available outside the UK.

From the field to the bottle

In 2013 the brothers David, Ian and John Stirling founded the Arbikie Highland Estate Distillery on the premises of the farm, which has been owned by the Stirling family for many generations. What could be more natural than growing the grain for the production of their whisky, gin and vodka themselves? For the planned rye whisky, the Stirlings grew rye for the first time.

Two pot stills are standing in the Arbikie Distillery on the Scottish east coast and produce malt and grain whisky. Kirsty Black, who studied brewing and distilling at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, works with them as Arbikie’s master distiller. Arbikie is pride to combine tradition and innovation in production and attaching great importance to sustainability. At the Scottish Whisky Awards last year, Arbikie was honoured with the “Excellence in Sustainability” award.

Rye whisky is categorized as grain whisky

Rye whisky has only come back into focus in Scotland in recent years. Distilleries like InchDairnie, Bruichladdich or LoneWolf deal with it and already have barrels of rye whisky in their warehouses. On the labels of the bottles, however, rye whisky must be classified as grain whisky, just like whisky made from corn, wheat or other grains, because the Scottish regulations do not know a category of rye whisky. In any case - the discussions about the Scotch Whisky Regulations continue.

The Arbikie 1794 Highland Rye, which is therefore a single grain whisky, is based on a mash of Arantes rye, Odyssey barley malt and Viscount wheat. The 2020 release was matured in new charred american oak casks and was bottled at 48% ABV, unchill-filtered and uncoloured.

Incidentally, the year in the name of Arbikie 1794 refers to the oldest documented mention of a distillery on the Arbikie Estate.

Images: Alba Import oHG