Annandale Distillery reveals date of its first release of single malt whisky

The Lowland distillery offers Man o‘Sword and Man o`Word

June 13th 2018 will be an important day for the young Annandale Distillery: That day the first Annandale Single Malt Whisky will be released. This was revealed in social media yesterday.

Only 20 casks will be bottled for this first release of Annandale, 10 of the peated Man o‘ Sword (named after Robert the Bruce) and 10 of the unpeated Man o‘ Word (named after Robert Burns). Each cask will result in about 240 individually numbered bottles. They will all be bottled at cask strength. Those who are interested to purchase a bottle of the first release of Annandale Whisky can register on the distillery homepage. The price for a bottle of this three year old Annandale First Release Single Malt Whisky wasn’t revealed yet.

Annandale started production at the end of 2014 and has meanwhile merchandized its new make under the name Rascally Liquor and Rascally Liquor peated. They also sold the first casks they produced: Cask Number One was offered for £ 1 million, the following 74 casks for £100.000 each.