Annandale Distillery on market with new spirit

Peated and unpeated Rascally Liquor available

When whisky production started at Annandale Distillery in November 2014 the small number of Scottish Lowland distilleries grew by a further one. The distillery can’t offer whisky yet but sells its new spirit as “Rascally Liquor” at the distillery shop and in a few online shops as well. Apart from the UK Annandale’s new spirit is now also available in Germany, distributed by Alba Import.

Old distilling tradition now continued at Annandale Distillery

The Rascally Liquor with ist two versions Man o‘ Word (as an hommage to Robert Burns) and Man o‘ Sword (honoring Robert the Bruce) is an outview on the two different whisky lines Annandale plans to release: peated and unpeated malt are used apart from each other for the whisky production. And whisky production is not a new topic here at Annandale. From 1836 to 1918 there has been a working distillery here. When it was closed the builings had been used from local farmers first, but during the last decades it lay silent and decayed.

A beauty with three pot stills

David Thomson and Teresa Church bought Annandale in 2007 and started to rebuild it in 2011 based on the historical data. They were advised and supported by whisky expert Dr. Jim Swan and Malcolm Rennie, former distillery manager of Kilchoman. Annandale has grown to be a real beauty and uses one wash still of 12.000 liters and two spirit stills with 4.000 liters each. No, there’s no triple distillation done. After the first distillation the low wines are split and filled into the two spirit stills for the second distillation. In this way the spirit can get intensive contact with the copper and the new spirit gets very smooth. And this will also have effects on the smoothness of the Annandale Single Malt Whisky that will probably be released in 2018.