Alex and Nick Ravenhall will smuggle whisky swimming across the Corryvreckan

The proceeds will go for charity


The Gulf of Corryvreckan, in which there is a whirlpool of the same name, stretches between the Scottish islands of Jura and Scarba. The New Zealand brothers Alex and Nick Ravenhall plan to swim through this strait on Sunday, August 1st. Strapped to their bodies they will carry bottles of whisky with them, which after this "smuggling tour" will be sold in cooperation with the independent bottler Signatory for the benefit of the ocean awareness organization Sea Shepherd. There was no more detailed information about this whisky yet.

Cooperation with Signatory

Des McCagherty of Signatory Vintage commented: „Signatory is delighted to be working with Whisky & Waves on their latest charity swim. The whole team have nothing but admiration for Nick, Alex and all the other swimmers as they once again take on such a challenging swim, in aid of such a worthy cause as Sea Shepherd. We are proud to be a part of the creation of a unique whisky, with the profits going to an international campaign to help protect the world’s oceans.“

In leading positions of the whisky industry

Alex and Nick Ravenhall founded their charity organization "Whisky and Waves" to care for marine problems, to draw attention to themes such as overfishing and ocean pollution and to raise money for charity organizations. In 2019 they were able to support Sea Shepherd with 19,000 pounds. The two brothers work in the spirits industry and are rooted in the whisky scene: Alex is Head of Events at Atom Brands, whose labels include the Boutique-y Whiskey Company, Nick works as Managing Director for the new Holyrood Distillery in Edinburgh.

Kirsch Import's commitment

Bottlings of the "smuggled whisky" will also reach Germany via the German distributor Kirsch Import. Owner Christoph Kirsch says: „We have been supporting Sea Shepherd through our whisky charity bottlings since 2018 and already have raised over 100.000€ in funds to protect maritime life. When I learned about the Whisky & Waves initiative by our good industry friends Nick & Alex it was natural to create something together. We are very happy that our partner for over 30 years, Signatory Vintage, is joining us in this endeavor to further support Sea Shepherd’s mission.”

Image: Whisky and Waves via Kapranos PR