Adulterated whisky can be identified with new test

Scientists created new colorimetric spot test

Adulterated Whisky has been developed to be a problem in several countries. We don’t talk about the premium, expensive bottlings that are sold in internet exchange but about standard whiskies that are sold as fakes. In Brazil whisky that was confiscated was examined and debunked using a new test. Comparison samples from original bottlings of Jack Daniels, White Horse, Ballantines, Black Label, Red Label and Chivas Regals showed significantly different caramel color profiles than the fake copies.

The test was developed in cooperation of a criminalistics department of the Brazilian police, a Brazilian and a US university. If you are interested in the chemical background of this test you can follow this link to a side that reports about a publication in the journal Chemical Communications. There you can also get supplementary information as pdf without need to buy the whole article (what you can do nevertheless if you want to).