Aberlour 18 yo now in 0.5 liter bottle

Not everybody will be thrilled to hear about this change

Many new or redesigned products of whisky distilleries or independent bottlers are launched with much effort and PR budget to cause public attraction. But some others are not pre-announced and you will only notice them when they are on trade. This happened when Chivas launched the Aberlour Casg Annamh, a product without age statement, and it now happened again: a new bottling was released. But to be exact it is no new whisky but a familiar one in another bottle size: If you will look for an Aberlour 18 yo in future you will find it as a 0.5-liter bottling.

Most shop have run out of the Aberlour 18 yo in 0.7 liter bottles and those you still can offer them will surely soon announce “sold out”. But don’t worry, the successor has already arrived and is offered – but be aware: “Nothing remains as it was” is not only true for sizes and packagings but also for prices. Associated with the change of the size is a de facto increase of the price. Maybe the change of bottling size is due to a temporary shortage of store and Aberlour will return to 0.7 liter in some years. But price increases are rarely reversible…