A special fermentation, a special result: Ardbeg Fermutation 13 Years

The Islay distillery introduces the new Ardbeg Committee Release


Ardbeg presents a new 13-year-old single malt born out of necessity, as the current press release explains: Ardbeg Fermutation. When whisky production came to a standstill in November 2007 due to a boiler breakdown, the wort had to stay in the wash backs much longer than usual. And if you have to experiment, then do it right, said Dr. Bill Lumsden, Ardbeg's Director of Distilling and Whisky Creation, and had the lids of the washbacks opened.

The fermentation lasted not only 3 weeks instead of the usual 72 hours, in addition to the yeast, wild bacteria from the air could now also do their work. After 13 years of maturation in ex-Bourbon casks, the Ardbeg Fermutation was now bottled with an alcohol strength of 49.4% ABV and will be released as a Committee bottling.

As such, it will be available in the Ardbeg Committee shop on February 8, 2022. Members only, but everyone is free to join the Ardbeg Committee. Concerning the price Ardbeg's British website mentions "around €180 or equivalent locally".

Producer’s tasting notes for the Ardbeg Fermutation 13 Years

Colour: straw yellow

On the nose: Fresh, floral, herbaceous and powerful. Hints of mixed herbs and cedar wood. Very sparkling, lively, with notes of smoked orange and grapefruit, lots of menthol and peppermint. With a little water powerful waves of diesel oil, tar, freshly painted paint and anise. The finish is freshly mown hay with a tiny hint of something savory, like yeast extract or bread dough.

Palate: A lively, vibrant, 'sparkling' texture that culminates in very bold, distinct flavours - malty tones of biscuit, bold aniseed, cardamom, antiseptic lozenges, sweet mint toffee and cigar ash.

Finish: A lingering, salty, powerful finish of mint, tar, oak tannin & leather.


Image: Moet Hennessy