The taste of Whisky and Whiskey can be divided in many different ways. Whisky.com took an approach and divided the different flavours and nuances into five big categories. In each category you have different individual tastes visualized by Tasticons. You can use the Tasticons to describe Whiskies in our Whisky Database.

Tasticons in the Database

1. Fruits


:fruit:Fruit: General fruitiness

:Dried Fruit:

Dried Fruit: General fruitiness of dried fruit:Dried Fruit:


Berries: Berries and grapes:Berries:

:Tropical Fruit:

Tropical Fruit: General tropical fruitiness:Tropical Fruit:


Sherry: General taste of Sherries and fortified wines:Sherry:


Lemon: Yellow lemon fruit:lemon:


:orange:Orange: Taste of oranges and clementines


Lime: Green lime fruit:Lime:


:Grapefruit:Grapefruit: Bitter as well as sweet grapefruit


:Grape:Grapes: Green as well as red grapes


:Blackberries:Blackberries: Blackberries


Apple: Taste of sweet apples:apple:

:Green Apple:

Green Apple: Taste of sour apples:green apple


Pear: Pears:pear:


Cherry: Cherries:cherry:


Plum: Ripe plums:Plums:


Coconut: White flesh of coconuts:coconut:


Peach: Sweet and fruity peaches:Peach:


kiwiKiwi: Kiwi


Pineapple:Tropical pineapples:pineapple:


Banana: Bananas:banana:


Melon: Sweet and fruity melons:melon:


Raisin: Dried grapes:Raisin:


Date: Sweet and glazed dates:dates:


:fig:Fig: Dried figs

2. Sweet


Vanilla: Sweet vanilla:vanilla:


Caramel: Creamy sweet caramelcaramel


Sweetness: General sweetness :sugar:


Chocolate: Milk chocolate:chocolate:

:Dark Chocolate:

:Dark Chocolate:Dark Chocolate: Bitter sweet chocolate (70%+)


Floral: Sweet and delicate flowers:floral


Heather: More herbal than flowers:heather:


Honey: Sweet and creamy honey:honey:

3. Grains and Nuts


Malt: Germinated barley:malt:


Barley: Grain of barley:barley:


:Wheat:Wheat: Grain of wheat


Nuts: General nuttiness:Nuts:


Hazelnut: Hazelnuts:hazelnut:


Almond: Bitter and sweet almonds:Almond:


Grass: Fresh cut grass:grass:


Hay: Dried grass:hay


Oil: Taste and mouthfeel of vegetable oil:oil

4. Dark Flavours


:oak:Oak: Woody oak


Leather: As in jackets and armchairs:leather:


Spices: General taste of spices:Spices:


Pe:pepper:pper: Fresh ground pepper


Chilli: Hot chilli:Chilli:


Cinnamon: Cinnamon bark:cinnamon:


:cloves:Cloves: Dried cloves


:ginger:Ginger: Sharp ginger


:Nutmeg:Nutmeg: Spicy nutmeg nuts


Coffee: Espresso and cappuccino bitterness:Coffee:


:Tobacco:Tobacco: Dried tobacco


Ham: Air dried and smoked ham :Tobacco:


:Cheese:Cheese: creamy cheese

5. Salt and Smoke


:smoke:Peat smoke: General smokiness


Salt: Salt:Salt:


Iodine: From the sea and antiseptic:Iodine:

:Medicinal Smoke:

:Medicinal Smoke:Medicinal Smoke: Phenolic and antiseptic


:bonfire:Bonfire: Smokiness from open fire


:Tang:Tang: Seaweed and tang


:Alcohol:Alcohol: Pungent alcohol