Whisky Vision TV

Watch while our Whisky matures. It was distilled on the 25.09.2017 at the St. Killian Distillery and filled into our barrel. The spirit is non peated and has 69% ABV. The cask itself is made from American white oak with a medium toast. It was specially made by the Wilhelm Eder GmbH and has a capacity of 225 liters. The wood was cut in Missouri and was dried 24 month before the cask was manufactured in Germany.

New image every two seconds

Follow the maturation process up till now with our archived pictures.

The pictures of the livestream are stored on our server and will be add into a timelapse. This way you can experience the maturation process in just a few minutes. These videos will be published in our Vlog.

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Technical Stuff

  • Webcam with manual white balance
  • Artificial lighting with 3000K LED
  • Total isolation from Daylight
  • Additional DSLR Backup-Camera for safty reasons
  • Coulor map for calibration and adjusting the cameras