Whisky in Amontillado Sherry Casks

1. The Origin

The Amontillado originates from the Montilla region in Spain. The Amontillado is a intermediate between the Fino and the Oloroso. It has an ABV of about 17% and a sugar content of up to 5 grams per liter. This classifies it as a Dry Wine. 

The word Amontillado means as much as "The way of ones of Montilla".

2. Production and Post Treatment

The Amontillado starts of as a normal Fino Sherry. It has a normal Flor layer, but during the maturation is then changed. There are two ways the Flor layer is broken down and the oxidation during the maturation is increased. The first way is to fortify the Wine to at least 16% ABV. The second way is the natural way. The Flor layer usually breaks down by itself after about 12 years. The Amontillado that is not fortified during the maturation process is sometimes referred to as the "True Amontillado".

Maturing Sherry Cask with Flor
Sherry Cask with Flor (Yeast Layer)
Maturing Sherry Cask
Sherry Cask without Flor (Yeast Layer)

3. Effect on the Taste

It adds some sweetness, nuttiness and also a dryness. It could be best described as a intermediate between the dry Fino and the sweeter Oloroso.

The Colour of an Amontillado Sherry

4. Effect on the colour

The Colour of the whisky is darkend by the sherry. It is not as intensive and dark as the Oloroso or the Pedro Ximenez, but it has a nice amber colour. The whiskies matured this was are often considered to have a golden shine.

5. Whisky Examples

There are only few Amontillado finishes on the market. This is because of the lower volume of the Sherry. lower volume mean lower amount of casks and therefore less Whiskies finished in Amontillado casks.

Slyrs 3Y - 2010 / 2014 Whisky Amontillado Edition 01 - 46% - 0.7l

The three year old Whisky from Bavaria was matured for another 14 month in Amontillado Sherry casks from the famous Bodega Tradición. 


Glenkinchie - 43% - 0.7l

The Glenkinchie distillers edition was finished in Amontillado Sherry casks and is famous for its floral notes and nutty sweetness.

Video Tasting