Whisky Samples

Whisky samples are small amounts of whisky usually 4 cl to 10 cl (1.3 oz to 3.3 oz) that are used to taste a whisky. In many countries there are huge communities that share expensive bottles and send the samples out to everyone involved. But is sending alcohol in parcels legal in every country? Here is a list were it is legal and were not.



CountrySample SendingLinkSpecial
GermanyYesZulässige GegenständeYou are not allowed to send goods that are hazardous
AustriaYesVersand von Alcohol
BelgiumYesShipment of Alcohol
FranceYesShipment of Alcohol
ItalyYesShipment of Alcohol
NetherlandsYesShipment of Alcohol
PortugalYesShipment of Alcohol
SpainYesShipment of Alcohol
United KingdomYesShipment of Alcohol
NorwayYesPrivate import of alcoholYou must be 20 years old to receive it
DenmarkYes*Einfuhr und Zoll*small amounts
FinlandNoEinfuhr und Zollalcoholic samples are to be imported only by Alkoholiliike O.Y.

EU -> Yes

International -> No



Duty has to be paid by the party arranging the transport

No international online ordering!

RussiaYesCustoms Tarifs Group 22

 North America


CountrySample SendingLinkSpecial

Importation of Intoxicating Liquors Act

Loi sur l’importation des boissons enivrantes

*unless you are her Majesty or an executive government of a state

*sauf si vous êtes Sa Majesté ou le gouvernement exécutif de l'Etat

U.S.A.Yes*Personal Importation of Beverage Alcohol Products

*local laws may still apply

ArizonaNo4-244 Unlawful actsYou need a permit


NoAlcoholic Beverage Control

You need a permit

CaliforniaNoABC Act page 155
TexasNoBuying Alcohol From Out of State
New YorkNoClick on ABC on this linkYou need a permit
IllinoisNoAlcohol, Horse Racing, and LotteryYou need a permit
FloridaNoThe 2014 Florida Statutes

 Asia + Austrailia


CountrySample SendingLinkSpecial
IndiaYesProhibited and restricted goodsBottles must not be Antiquities
AustraliaYesWhat can't be mailed to Australia?No dairy -> No Cream Liqueurs

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