Nc'nean releases Quiet Rebels Lorna

The special edition dedicated to the distiller


When Annabel Thomas founded Nc'nean Distillery in 2013, her vision was to rethink whisky making and do it differently. And she consistently implements her ideas: Nc'nean produces Scottish Single Malt Whisky exclusively from local organic barley. In addition, the distillery is run 100% climate-neutral with renewable energies and almost waste-free.

A limited special edition of the whisky, which is released every autumn, is dedicated to the "rebels" of Nc'nean, the employees of the distillery. Last year founder Annabel Thomas herself was in the focus of the Quiet Rebels series, this year distiller Lorna Davidson is the namesake for the Nc'nean Quiet Rebels Lorna.

It was very exciting to see a bottle of Nc'nean Whisky with her name on the label, Lorna said, and that it was great to accompany this spirit from distillation to maturation and the selection of casks. She has a great fondness for sweets which she can find revealed in the result of this batch.

Lorna came to Nc'nean as a cook for the craftmen‘s meals during the construction of the distillery. She was fascinated by the distillery project and learned everything from Distillery Manager Gordon Wood to produce whisky herself.

American whiskey casks and ex-Pineau des Charentes casks were selected for the edition, which is limited to 7,560 bottles. The whisky was bottled without chill filtration and in natural colour with an alcohol content of 48.5% ABV.

Tasting Notes for the Nc'nean Quiet Rebels Lorna

Nose: Fresh peaches and apricots, caramel and citrus

Palate: Banana bread, grapefruit and peach ice cream

Finish: Fruity with a gentle spiciness

Images: Nc‘nean