Uilebheist Distillery to open in Inverness with a focus on sustainablility

The River Ness is central to the distillery and brewery

Jon Erasmus at Uilebheist Distillery, Inverness


Inverness can look forward to a whisky distillery and brewery to be opened on the banks of the River Ness: it is called Uilebheist, which means 'monster' in Gaelic - a reference to the famous Scottish Ness monster. Pronounciation should be EWL-uh-vehst.

Owner Jon Erasmus is investing £6 million in the brewery and whisky distillery, creating 40 new jobs. Both beer and whisky production are scheduled to start later this year, with the beer expected to go on sale in early November.

The river not only plays a central role in the sustainable orientation of the plant as a water source for production, but will also take over the energy supply. However, the sustainable concept goes beyond beer and whisky production: The hot waste water produced will be used for heating and hot water supply at the Glen Mhor Hotel, so that it will then completely dispense with the use of gas.

At Uilebheist they want to rely on local grains and hope to create a whisky character through aging in ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks, which the press release describes as: " Butterscotch, candied citrus peel, raisins and sultanas, delicate wood spices, vanilla ".

Bruce Smith, Master Brewer & Distiller at Uilebheist, said: “We are on track to officially open in November 2022 and begin beer production which visitors can enjoy in the taproom. Whisky production will commence later this year, due to our small scale we will only produce around 200 casks annually, making Uilebheist one of the rarest whiskies in Scotland. The whisky will be matured in ex-bourbon and sherry casks, but the whisky will let us know when it’s ready and we have no intention to rush it. Quality is our number one focus.”

Images: Uilebheist Distillery