English Whisky Guild officially launched

15 distilleries want to work together to promote and protect English whisky


It's time to make English whisky better known internationally, to define it as such and to ensure its high quality standard, 15 English distilleries decided and have formed the English Whisky Guild EWG. The association was officially founded this week.

English whisky is currently experiencing rapid growth. The country now has 40 whisky distilleries. Production volume will have increased by 189% from 2019 to 2023, according to EWG, while the number of bottles sold will increase by 418% in the same period. The upward trend in English whisky is not only related to quantity, but also to quality, as numerous awards for English whiskies in international spirits competitions show.

An important goal of the English Whisky Guild is to define "English Whisky" and officially register it as a protected geographical term (GI, Geographical Indicator).

According to EWG Chairman Andrew Nelstrop of the English Whisky Company: “English whisky is synonymous with independence, innovation and creativity. The formation of the Guild and the submission of the GI application supports these shared values whilst also establishing production standards that ensure that any whisky labelled as ‘English’ is of the highest quality. It also marks a significant step in the long-term development and promotion of English whisky. We would welcome other English distilleries joining us at this exciting time.”

The 15 founding members of the English Whisky Guild are:


Image: English Whisky Guild