Port Charlotte SC: 01 2012: Bruichladdich introduces the next edition of the Cask Exploration series

Intensely smoky single malt with a finish in Sautenes casks


Since Bruichladdich first released the Port Charlotte Single Malts in 2001, the name has stood for heavily peated single malt. 40 ppm characterise the peated malt for Port Charlotte, which is named after the town on the island of Islay, which is only two miles away from the distillery. In addition to the Port Charlotte Single Malt Whiskies of the core range, friends of smoky whisky have also been enjoying special editions, the so-called Cask Explorations, since autumn 2018. Port Charlotte SC: 01 2012 is the latest among them and has now been presented.

The name of the series already reveals what the makers of Port Charlotte are all about with these bottlings: Great attention is not only paid to the Bruichladdich-typical terroir, but also to the hand-picked casks, which particularly characterise the whisky aromatically. Port Charlotte SC: 01 2012 is the fifth Cask Explorations edition after MRC: 01, MC: 01, OLC: 01 and PAC: 01, but the first to be made from 100% Islay barley.

Islay barley meets French premium wine barrels

The barley for Port Charlotte SC: 01 2012 was grown on seven of Bruichladdich's partner farms. The barley varieties were Concerto, Propino, Publican and Oxbridge. It was harvested in 2011, shipped to the mainland for malting and returned to the distillery with the mentioned 40ppm phenols. After mashing, fermenting and distilling, the new make was matured in a special cask combination: The spirit, which had previously been stored in hand-picked sherry casks and first- and second-fill American whisky casks, was filled at different stages of maturation into casks in which previously one of the best Sauternes wines in France was matured, as the current press release reports.

An example of Port Charlotte's adaptability

The Port Charlotte SC: 01 2012 was bottled at the age of 9 at 55.2% ABV without chill filtration and in natural colour. It it released with an RRP of 110 Euros. Bruichladdich describes the flavour profile as smooth, smoky, with floral notes of gorse, honey, some coconut and fudge.

This experiment is a wonderful example of Port Charlotte's adaptability and serves as an inspiration for the entire Cask Exploration Series, according to Head Distiller Adam Hannett.


Image: Bruichladdich