Whisky Vision TV

We have our own Whisky Cask! The cask our Whisky matures in is made of American white oak with a medium toast. It was manufactured by the German Cask Company Wilhelm Eder especially for us and holds 225 litres. The oak comes from the US-State of Missouri and was cut open and air-dried for an additional 24 months before being processed in Germany. The new make spirit was distilled at the Franconian distillery St. Kilian and filled into our cask on 25.09.2017. It is a non-peated Single Malt new make spirit, which came into our cask at 69% ABV.
Since then there have been ups and downs with the Whisky Vision TV project. In the following videos you can watch what has happened to our own ’Whisky’ and how it matures to become a Single Malt.

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