Peated Sherry and Wine Cask Matured Whiskies

After the results from the evaluations above only one interesting pair of values remains. Will the tendency that both peated and Sherry and Wine cask matured Whiskies received a better quality rating from the participants also be found in the smallest subset of Whiskies that are both peated and matured in a Sherry or Wine cask?

Table 10. Statistical Summary of the Results for Peated and Sherry and Wine Cask Matured Whiskies

Sherry and Wine Cask Bottlings Count
Amount of samples 279
Amount of chill filtered samples 139
Amount of non chill filtered samples 140

Average quality chill filtration 3,73
Average quality non chill filtration 3,60

It is clear to see that the participants prefer exactly this group of peated Whiskies that are also matured or finished in special casks. With 3.73 points and 3.60 points respectively, the quality ratings are even slightly above the previously best-rated set from table 8 (statistical summary of the results for Sherry or Wine cask matured Whiskies).

The last two values show for the first time a significant, bigger difference of 0.13 scale points (3.3%) for chill filtered versus non chill filtered samples.

Although the marketing leads us to believe that also with these Whiskies non chill filtration is better, in the eyes of the consumers it is not.