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For Horst
I was just wondering if you'll be doing an English review on the Glenmorangie Quarter Century? I have one and I was wondering what you think of it. Or even reply to this comment as I tried to watch the one you did but I'm not good with too many foreign languages. Thanks and I love your reviews!
I bought this last new year and just finished it at the weekend there a very enjoyable bottle for glenmorangie as horst says very spiced and citrus fruits but it's really nice
I actually preferred the Signet over both the 18 and 25 Quarter Century. How about you Horst?
another yes!
oh yes! thank you so much broken cork.
I was able to get this bottle and I was unable to find that candy note that the bottle was suppose to be based on. Glenmorangie is my favourite distiller and this was a good bottle but they didn't really knock it out of the park like with Quarter Century and Signet.
Quinta Ruban
I prefer the Port Wood finish. I like the taste of Port Wine very much and this comes through with the whisky also.
Hello Horst,

Simple question today. Which did you prefer and why? The Quinta or Nectar.