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for the praise.
Nice dram. Fruity, 48%ABV proves it worth.
Thanks for the wonderful review. Quite a few sites that reviewed Glendronach 21 safely rate the 15 yr old as the better one.
In my humble opinion, this 21 year old is complex & a lot intense. The sherry taste lingers for a long time. A lot fruity, chocolate & spicy (tint of cinnamon). The slightly higher alcohol content brings in vigour. Wonderful long finish.
Its only when the God (Horst Luening) says its a masterpiece does the feeling becomes justified.
Loved it

I just loved watching your videos being a Whisky Fan.

The best thing which I really like about your Vlog is, you covers each and every thing in your articles which makes your article more helpful.

Thanks for this wonderful Whisky Vlog.

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I am uncertain
I once had a whisky sample from a major distillery. It was a re-re-refill cask. The whisky was definitely in equilibrium and had no expression at all. It was really dad.

Ethanol is able to carry (solute) a big amount of taste compounds. And I think (believe), that it contains more than the cellulose wood structure is able to.

There might be a state of equilibrium from time to time, because casks are reused quite often and the whisky in the cask looses its ABV over the time.
equilibrium in a whisky cask
Hi Horst, I have a general question here, not explicitly about this bottle, though relating to it somewhat.
In general do think, or you know, if whisky ever gets into equilibrium with the chemicals relavent for whisky in the cask? Or are some of the chemicals so slow to diffuse that in practice this only happen very rarely (for the extremely old stuff)? Would maturation stopped after that point? Than you. I'm a whisky fun for about ten years, but your "thing" is the best a found so far. Keep it un.