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Wrong place
Hello Tomas!

This is definitely the wrong place below the video of Laphroaig to ask this question. I moved your question into our forum and answered it there:
whisky value
Dear Horst,

please would you be so kind and answer to my question, I have already sent to you two weeks ago? The question/task, which you can find below, is about to choose from the attached whisky list the ones, which will probably have a significant rise in value over the years from your point of view? This, in my opinion, could be very helpful to the other whisky lovers.
Thank you very much and have a nice day.

Yours sincerely

(email from 30th of November 2015)
Dear Horst,
to begin with I would like to say thank you for your highly professional blog. Nearly each time I find something new or interesting. Now let´s get down to business. I have a few dozens of discontinued whisky bottles and each time I have a mood to open one I ask myself: Should I open this one? Maybe just this one will get a huge value in the future.. They are all more than good, I have already tasted them.
So please would you be so kind and try to choose from the list below at least 10 bottles I should definitely keep because of their expectable value in the future? Thank you very much for your help and hope that your blog and work for whisky lovers will continue.

Yours sincerely,

List of whisky:
Laphroaig 25 yo, bottled 2007, 0,7l, 40%, 2500 bottles
Glenrothes 25 yo, bottled 2007, 43%, 0,7l, 2400 bottles
Glenrothes 19 yo, distilled 1995, 43%, 0,7l
Glengoyne 23 yo, distilled 1986, 53,6%, 0,7l, single cask no. 399, 548 bottles
Glendronach 19 yo, distilled 1994, 53,5%, 0,7l, single cask no. 326, 452 bottles
Glendronach 15 yo, tawny port, 46%, 0,7l
Macallan 18 fine oak, 0,7l, 43%
Macallan 1950´s re-creation, 40%, 0,5l
Macallan director´s 40%, 0,7l
Macallan 10 yo, sherry cask, 40%, 0,7l
Macallan 12 yo, sherry cask, 40%, 0,7l
Balvenie 21 yo, 40%, 0,7l
Balvenie 17 yo, madeira cask, 43%, 0,7l, bottled 2009
Balvenie 17 yo, new wood, 40%, 0,7l
Balvenie 15 yo, single barrel, 47,8%, 0,7l
Balvenie 14 yo, roasted malt, 47,1%, 0,7l
Balvenie 14 yo, golden cask, 47,5%, 0,7l
Balvenie 12 yo, signature, batch 2, 40%, 0,7l
Balvenie 12 yo, single barrel, 47,8%, 0,7l
Balvenie 10 yo, founder´s reserve, 40%, 0,7l
Bruichladdich 21yo, cuvee 382, 46%, 0,7l
Bruichladdich celtic nations, bottled 2006, 7200 bottles, 46%, 0,7l
Ben Nevis 15 yo, distilled 1998, 300 bottles, 46%, 0,7l, Cárn mór
Bushmills 400th anniversary, 46%, 0,7l
Chivas regal 25 yo, 40%, 0,7l
Chivas regal revolve 17 yo, 40%, 0,5l
Four roses, single barrel, 50%, 0,7l
Glenfiddich 15 yo, cask strength 51%, 0,7l, old bottling
Glen scotia 12 yo, 40%, 0,7l, old bottling
Jack Daniel´s 1981 gold medal, 40%, 1l
Jack Daniel´s, silver select single barrel, 50%, 0,7l
Johnnie walker green label, 15 yo, 43%, 0,7l
Johnnie walker gold label, 18 yo, 43%, 0,7l
Johnnie walker blue label, 40%, 0,7l
Lark tasmanian single malt whisky, single cask 344, bottled 2014, 58%, 0,5l
Scapa 14 yo, 40%, 0,7l
Tamnavulin 12 yo, 40%, 0,7l