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Where to buy
We use our own developed whisky glass. Unfortunately it is not available outside Germany, unless you buy two dozen of them.
Whisky glass you used
Hi Luing

Liked your reviews, is it possible to tell me what Whisky glass (brand? where I can buy?), in this video?

Not often you get something wrong!
This 2016 special releases Cragganmore is NAS, not 25 years old.
High Taxes?
Do you have high Taxes? In Germany we charge 29.99€ (34.08US$) for it?
The price of this bottle is $50 to $60 here in Nashville, TN
Signatory Vintage available in Canada
Hello Horst, Signatory Vintage is available here in Calgary, Alberta Canada at one of our excellent local whiskey shops (Kensington Wine Market).