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Better 12yo or three wood?
What do you like more, Auchentoshan 12 or three wood?
same batch of casks
Small independent bottlers (IBs) are always chasing for casks vagabunding on the market. What the get might not always be the best. Walking thru the warehouses of a distillery and selecting the best casks never happens in our branch.

Bigger IBs like Signatory were/are able to invest more money and have a half or full truckload of casks filled at the same time at the distillery. The casks have to be brought to their own premises. It is no longer allowed (since a few decades) to let those casks mature in the rare warehouse space at the distillery.

By this the casks are bottled at the IB in sequence over the years. It depends on the demand of the particular bottles, when the next cask in the sequence will be bottled.
Signatory Auchentoshan 1999
Hi Horst, I just watched your review of the Signatory Auchentoshan. I have in my collection another Signatory Auchentoshan from 1999 with the same distillation date (Sept-1-1999) It was bottled Sept-23-2010. The cask no. is 8/265, bottle 248 of 279. Do you know what relationship my bottle would have to the one you reviewed?
Thanks for the very informative vlogs!