Looking Forward To Trying This One
If they've improved on the barrel select, I have to try it. I purchased a case of the 17 year old release and it was wonderful.
Production Process - Preferences
Apologies, meant to include the proper hashtag #whiskycom for the above comment!
Production Process - Preferences
Hey guys,

Thanks for doing this livestream, I'm a big fan and it was very informative. I was wondering which aspects of the production process you value most...do you prefer whiskies without the added caramel (E150A) coloring? Do you care whether chill-filtration has occurred or not? What about age-statement vs. NAS?

What about the ABV level (i.e. cask strength vs. 40%)? I find myself seeking out the most natural whiskies I can find, meaning no coloring or chill-filtration...which can be tougher to find.

Great job with this site and the YouTube channel, thanks again!