Can anyone tell me what this is and where to get it?

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    Hi I'm new here. Someone brought this to a gathering I was at and it was some great whisky but he won't tell anyone where he got it. I can't find a picture of the bottle anywhere online, the bar code at the back leads nowhere and when I search the company, nothing shows up. I was hoping maybe you guys knew something about it. Thanks


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    its kind of strange to see an Irish whiskey spelt whisky, and 750ml means it is a bottling for the US probably.

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    Rather strange calling an Irish Whisk(e)y "King Arthur", too...

    With 750ml it's definitely bottled for the non-European market.

    Probably an older bottling not available any more - there is a recent "King Arthur" on the market, but it is a Blended Scotch Whisky by Ian MacLeod...

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    @SanctTom woa to the bottle is also very beautiful, i want to own a boy like that, it must be quite expensive slither io

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    @djmoneypenny Any luck? Pretty much the same situation. 2 bottles were left at my house after a party. I don't even know who brought it. Prior to opening it I assumed it was cheap whisky. After drinking one bottle I assume that I assumed wrong.  I figured I would find it online and purchase more. Can't find any info on it anywhere. Now I'm hesitant to open bottle #2  

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    @djmoneypenny I found this whiskey in Canada and an acquaintance was selling it he had cases of it it is not sold in our liquor store legally so I bought a few bottles and I was selling them.... one night I sat with someone and we drank a couple of bottles it's very good whiskey we drink it straight I don't understand though where it's from honestly it's some kind of knock off but it's good though LOL please let me know if you find out the guy I drink it with was Sri Lankan and he was saying it's Ira whiskey and his dad was looking for that whiskey for years I don't know LOL we got a little drunk

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    @Tassosis I have a connection for getting this depending on your kocation(:

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    @Mike_P @Tassosis  I am in ontario anyway I can get a bottle or two from you?

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    @JackMckeever Lol, so this stuff actually just went through and lost in a lawsuit. It's not actually whisky. It's vodka flavored as whisky. But you can't find it because they had to remove all inventory and no longer sell the stuff. They were also lying about the ABV. Stay away and definitely don't pay money for this trash. 

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