New to Whiskey and struggling to get past the alcohol burn

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    Hi guys,

    I bought my first whiskey about 8 weeks ago, Glenfiddich 15.

    Since then I have bought a bottle of Proper 12, and a bottle of Highland Park 12. I'm 22 years old and have never drank spirits before this.

    I am starting to smell a nutty aroma in the Glenfiddich, vanilla in the proper 12 and Dark fruitiness in the highland park, but the majority of what I smell and taste is still just the burn of the alcohol.

    Is there some sort of acclimatisation period I should expect before I can really taste more and smell more notes?

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    Welcome to the whisky world. My advice is just to keep drinking and smelling :biggrin: You will get used to it soon enough!

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    @Ethan_Jones Hi Ethan,

    I worked in Glenkinchie Visitor Centre for 20 years.  Please don't think i am biased but Glenkinchie is an ideal malt to begin with.  Either that or a Dalwhinnie 15 year old.  These are very light malts.  What i used to do with visitors having their first tasting was to add a spot of water into the whisky and that would take the burn out of it.  Another way is to pour the glass and let it sit at room temperature or warm it in both hands.  You will find that the burn disappears and is very pleasant.

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    I agree I’d start with Dalwhinnie that’s what I used to get used to it. And adding a tiny splash of water too helps. 

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    I just bought a 12 bottle for my dad, he liked it very much, but unfortunately the first time he was too drunk I had to put it away.

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