Can anyone tell me what this is and where to get it?

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    Hi I'm new here. Someone brought this to a gathering I was at and it was some great whisky but he won't tell anyone where he got it. I can't find a picture of the bottle anywhere online, the bar code at the back leads nowhere and when I search the company, nothing shows up. I was hoping maybe you guys knew something about it. Thanks


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    its kind of strange to see an Irish whiskey spelt whisky, and 750ml means it is a bottling for the US probably.

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    Rather strange calling an Irish Whisk(e)y "King Arthur", too...

    With 750ml it's definitely bottled for the non-European market.

    Probably an older bottling not available any more - there is a recent "King Arthur" on the market, but it is a Blended Scotch Whisky by Ian MacLeod...

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    @SanctTom woa to the bottle is also very beautiful, i want to own a boy like that, it must be quite expensive slither io

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    @djmoneypenny Any luck? Pretty much the same situation. 2 bottles were left at my house after a party. I don't even know who brought it. Prior to opening it I assumed it was cheap whisky. After drinking one bottle I assume that I assumed wrong.  I figured I would find it online and purchase more. Can't find any info on it anywhere. Now I'm hesitant to open bottle #2  

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