Visiting Islay during Feis Ile?

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    I am planning my (first) visit to Scotland next year around May, the time, when the Feis Ile is happening.
    Dilemma: Should I plan my visit to Islay to conincide with Feis Ile festival or to avoid festival times (before & after)?

    From what I could gather so far online (could be wrong tho):
    Probably better atmoshpere, music
    Opportunity to pick up collectible bottlings

    TONS of people, crowded, long queues at the distilleries
    Difficult and overpriced accomodation/transport

    Any opinions/experiences are welcome!

    Thanks in advance!

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    If you are able to find a place to stay and love crowds, then you should definitely go for the festival. Distilleries try to present themselves in the best way.

    I fo myself avoid any crowds. More than one or wo dozen people on a single spot is my limit. And - if you are alone - you will find a friendly guy from time to time - who will show you around in a very private tour.

    Kind regards, Horst Luening, Master Taster,
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    I'm wondering the same. Are the crazy lineups for everything worth it or perhaps going the week before or after a better option? Have you heard fr other peeps who have been?


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    We visited a few weeks after the Feis, there was still plenty of Feis bottlings available, but no huge queues, which worked for us... yes we missed out on the atmosphere, but it was the Whisky we were there for, and to experience the distilleries, not for the Festival.

    Ultimately only you can decide, but I am with Horst, quieter is better :smile:

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