Whisky Aromas

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    I'm trying to figure out how to recognize all those whisky aromas? 

    Im having hard time recognizing them and describing what I smell is even harder :smile: 

    Should I use some sort of a whisky aroma kit to practice? Maybe someone can share some tips and tricks...

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    @uuggyy I try to smell everything that i cook with to get to know different smells and therefore I have more word to describe the smells with. But some people I have discovered have not so good smell so sometmes when tasting whisky or wine. Me and my friend have different opinions of how things smell

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    @uuggyy hello, I had the same question for years... now I can pick up a few things. One thing that I recommend to improve, is doing a research of the whisky you're about to taste, which notes experts tells you.

    After that, you try to pick up the notes yourself. Bear in mind that when people usually say "red fruits" (especially in wine), you have to consider the fruits in natura, not the artificial smell you get in jelly for example.

    Many whiskies have the same notes for an amateur. I myself cannot provide many notes out of a glass. This is not only an acquired skills, but a born one also.

    Hope this helps.

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