Johnnie Walker Blue Label or Chivas Royal Salute

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    Hi everyone!

    My dad's birthday is almost here and i would like to know which one you recommend, he hasn't taste either whiskys due to the price of both but this is a special occasion so i saved my money to buy him one, not for the cost or the shape of the bottle but for the taste.

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    Welcome to the forum.  I can tell that you really care about making the best decision you can, seeing how you're so willing to navigate through all the spam we've been getting!!!

    Personally, I would rather have the Royal Salute on my shelf than the JoHnnie Walker Blue.  Granted, I have never had the Royal Salute, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.  the Blue Label was good, but definately not worth the money in my opinion.  

    Plus the Royal Salute has a 21 year age statement on it, so you know that all the whiskies in it are at least 21 years old.  The blue label...?  Who knows what's in it!  Of course, age isn't everything, but I would still recommend the Royal salute over blue label if the intent is strictly for taste.

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    I agree with @kroman here. Go with the Chivas.

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    I second your suggestion to go with Royal Salute.

    and spot on about his perseverance through all the spam hahaha

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    I know both, and I prefer the RS21. Plus the bottle is more ornamental, befitting a birthday. Only downside is the cap design/cork can sometimes not be super air-tight, so if there's long periods between sipping, make sure the cap if fitted tightly before putting back on the shelf.

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    @JessAlvz Not to be a Debbie Downer, but for the money you'd spend on either of those bottles, you could get something of much better quality! But if you're set on the two, I'd go with the Chivas.

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    Hi dram what would you recommend for that price range?

    Local bottle shop is offering JW XR and RS at the same price if we order in bulk (group buy of a few cases)

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