Famous Grouse 'The Black Grouse'

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    I recently watched a stand up comedy special by Ron White. If you are unfamiliar, he is an american comedian. One of his bits revolved around The Black Grouse. He raved about this blended scotch. At first I was apprehensive about buying it considering its caliber. Its a very cheap blend. But then I thought, this is a multimillionaire; he's got enough to buy whatever he wants, yet he enjoys *this*.

    The first 3 shops i visited had this whisky, but they were regularly out of stock... this is a good sign in my book. Well, i finally found a bottle by accident while looking for something else. I almost didnt even buy it. I am glad that I did! I am not joking when i say that this $26 blended scotch is better than some $100+ bottles i've picked up in the past!

    This is definitely not a Glencairn sipper. This is best enjoyed over a few ice cubes (Something about a few ice cubes brings out the magic). If you are reading this and have this available in your area, I cant recommend it enough! Its buttery, savory, perfection! This is a bottle you buy for your scotch snob friends who turn their noses up at blended scotch. This will impress any scotch drinker! If you tried this in a blind taste test, you'd never guess it was a blend. It is absolutely superb!

    “I’m a simple man. All I want is enough sleep for two normal men, enough whiskey for three, and enough women for four.” 

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    @DramTasticVoyage I bought my father Glendronach 18,after he tasted it once,then he bought Glenfarclas 15 when we visited distillery...but 4 months later,when visiting parents,he was drinking The Famous Grouse and had barely touched the good stuff.No accounting for some peoples bad taste!

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    It is interesting to try different things. I have a couple of botles of blended whisky at home. So that once a year I can try them to get a bearing on how they compare to single malts. Like the Dewars 12 years old are for me better than Jura 10 year old for example.

    Will think about black grouse next time I do a blind tasting. That will be fun.

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