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    I recently have started to drink scotch and would like to try a single malt and was looking for a suggestion. My background is that I first tried scotch about a year ago on a trip where I mixed Johnny walker blue with coke not knowing it was expensive and it was quickly explained I had done something very wrong despite the fact it’s probably the best tasting whiskey and coke I had ever had XD. I got to retry and found it incredible compared to any other liquor I had tasted before. I had never really been a beer or wine drinker and mostly been a jack and coke guy until trying scotch. Over the last year I have been buying blended scotch whiskey at my local liquor store to see which ones I liked best. I tried dewars 12 walker red black double black gold Chivas Cutty Sark and a few other and have fallen in love. I pretty much only drink scotch now and I want to try some of the single malts.  Of the ones I have tried I prefer walker black / double black and really enjoy the Smokey flavor. With some cursory google and YouTube work I have read up on a few but was surprised to find the “Smokey” rating on the walker I really like at a 2 when others go as high as 5. I know that’s the part I like the best but after watching a few YouTube videos  I’m torn as the guys I saw on whiskey vault  do not recommend going with Islay whiskey as a noobie drink but at he same time I love the smoke. What’s a good single malt that will up the smoke compared to walker under 100$ that you think I might like? Is it really important it come from islay? Would one of the ones rated at smoke 3 from places like skye be bettter to go at first? Help me out! Thanks

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    I'd recommend starting out with Caol Ila 12 years old, as you seem to like the smoky touch it adds to the Johnnie Walker blends. If it's available at your place I'd also recommend Bowmore 18 Deep & Complex as a whisky more mature, but also more expensive (about 70 Euros over here).

    Enjoy your single malt journey!

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    Smokey whiskies does not need to come from Islay. For example my favourite with smoke in it are the Talisker 10 and that is from the island of Skye.

    Good starting suggestions could be the following

    Talisker 10, for medium smoke and some spicyness

    Ballechin 10 for a more heavy smoke

    Lagavulin 16 for a complicated smoke but this is not for all as the medicinal character turns some away.

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    I was a bourbon only guy until I found Laphroaig.......  Now Laphroaig & Ardbeg are favorites, and I am enjoying the fun of exploring other drams....    

    Do not listen to the "Don't go there"  crowd.....  just try it.... if you hate it, well, at least you know......    but like finding the right gal, what tastes good to your palate will probably be a bolt from the blue!  

    Enjoy the search, after 25 years of saying "I don't like scotch" I have found several single malts that are awesome!     

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    @bedlamborn Just tried Laphroaig Quarter Cask at weekend and its rather good!Not a peat monster,elements of sweetness too and nice oily/creamy mouthfeel....48% too and less than £35...so a good buy!

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