Oxidation on 18yr old whiskey

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    Hi everyone.

    I'm new to the forum and found it through watching horsts reviews on you tube.

    I have heard him say that oxidation is not such a problem on older whiskeys. Would an 18 yr old glenfiddich suffer from being half full for a year or two?

    If so is there an age where 

    Just wondering.

    Thx in advance 

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    @Tzsteve It is possible for oxidation to occur after a year or two depending on how the bottle was stored. If it was kept in a dark, cool place it should be ok. Take a sip and find out. If it tastes ok, there is a product that you can buy to prevent oxidation. Ralfy raves about this stuff. Cant remember what its called but its basically a can of compressed nitrogen/argon/CO2. It has a little straw on the nozzle that you slip into the bottle. You spray the gas into the bottle and it pushes all/most of the oxygen out and forms a blanket over the top of the whisky. Since argon/CO2/Nitrogen dont react with the whisky and all of the oxygen has been pushed out, the whisky should feasibly last as long as the cork stays sealed. 

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