Alternatives to Bunnahabhain 12...

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    has any one tried the Glenrothes Vintage Reserver 12 years?

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    @hwchoy I've had a glass of Glenrothes Vintage Reserve at a tasting once but it carried no age statement.

    Didn't enjoy at all anyways, left the spirit in the glass almost untouched as I only needed a small sip to understand this was not my profile of whisky.

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    @Absorber  thanks. now I can't recall why I got the impression that it is a 12 year old. looking at the information it should be a 9 year old based on the list of vintages.

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    @SlàinteMhath ;

    & @Carlton I took your advise and bought the Arran 14!

    I just tried a dram today.  If I was to do a blind nosing, the smell (sweet, orange peel with a touch of spicy least to me) immediately would have made me guess it was a Glenlivet 18!  The palate, however, was not nearly as bitter and oaky (again, at least to my taste buds), which is a good thing in my book.

    So anyways, I get more Glenlivet 18 than Bunnahabhain 12, but I'm really enjoying it.  My friend hasn't tried it yet (we'll have some while watching the election), but I think he's gonna like it as much as I do!

    Thanks again, guys!

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    So I'm a little late to this party, but i'd still like to throw in my input. I too love the Bunnahabhain 12. Not a fan of smokey scotch but the Bunna has just the right amount. I've been searching for something similar in the lightly peated arena and I'd recommend Highland Park Magnus. I much prefer this over the HP 12 year and it's half the price! Very similar flavor profile to the Bunna. Just the right amount of peat (with a little bit of ham in the background) and a nice crisp finish with sweet undertones. No age statement but it *is* Highland Park and its usually available for under $40 U.S in most areas.


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