Tours at Highland Park / Orkney Visit May 2018

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    Hi All,

    Off to Scotland again in 8 weeks, to Orkney for a week this time...

    Hoping to call in and see Wolfburn on the way up / back, and to visit Scapa and Highland Park distilleries while on Orkney... Looking at HP's website they have 5 different tours available, can anyone offer any advice as to which to do?

    We are taking the MiL with us, which means hubby is already hesitant to spend much on tours / whisky as she is a very frugal individual, so he wants to do the basic £10 or £20 tour, whereas I would quite happily stretch to the £75 or £100 tour, my question is this, are they worth the difference? We would probably have to pay for her to do the tour too, even though she only drinks whisky with hot water - sacrilege I know...

    Thoughts, recommendations of other places to visit and eat always welcome...

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    Don't think it would be worth the price. It is a lot of money :/

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    @Suzanne1967 The big differences in price typically result from the whiskies you sample. So arrange the real tour for both of you at a low price and add a special tasting for you alone.

    For the difference in price you pay for the dinner and some (other) drinks.

    Kind regards, Horst Luening, Master Taster,
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