Canadian Whisky question

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    I figure this is the best place to ask this, and i hope one of the experts on this forum could offer some assistance-because it`s been driving me a little crazy-I was browsing through the LCBO (The official Liquor store in Ontario) a couple of weeks ago, and I remember seeing a Whisky that was described as a one of a kind limited release, being the last of its particular batch. I forgot which brand it belonged to, but the bottle didn`t look like the obvious answer, Wiser`s Last Barrels. For some reason, Canadian Club sticks out in my head. Was there a limited release that recently sold out, or am i just nutty and Wiser`s is actually the one I`m looking for? If anyone knows, this would stop me from looking all over the internet trying to find a Whisky that might not actually exist, or if it does, point me in the right direction...
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    The only one I remember hearing about is the Wiser's Last Barrels.

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    We have a few Wiser's in our Database. Klick here to see them.
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    I have some collectable Canadian Whiskey that I am trying to value and was wondering if there is a Canadian Whiskey forum.
    I have some of the earlier limited Forty Creek yearly special reserves. 
    Forty Creek:

    Double barrel lot 240, 2008

    Port Wood Reserve Lot 60, 2009

    Johns Private Cask #1, Lot 2011, 201

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