How long do you wait for which ones?

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    It's not a complicated question, but it can be taken in multiple forms.

    How long do you wait for which bottles before you open them? Whether it be whisky, bourbon, scotch; how long do you wait (bonus: which types, and what occasions) prior to opening a bottle.

    I've never met anyone who has bought a bottle of something fancy or expensive to simply wait to open it, and yet, I am a man who has a bottle of wine (not even applicable here) that was made by a dear friend to which I have not opened yet, and has been collecting dust for three years... Which got me to thinking - just how long and why would I open a bottle of anything? My go to Bourbon is Woodford, and if I've had a crummy week, and if I have it on hand, I'll have a glass of Woodford. I'm still learning more of my scotch tastes, and although I've only had a small sampling of Lugavulin, I am waiting and saving up for Christmas 2017 to try and enjoy it.

    Interested in responses!

    When I open my bottle, it's when...
    1. How long do you wait until opening a bottle, and why?2 votes
      1. I get home, immediately that day of purchasing, and open it. Doesn't matter price.
      2. I get home, put it away, come back to it within 6 months.
      3. I get home, I hide it away for a special occasion, I don't open it for at least 8 month or longer.
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    It all depends on when and why. Sometimes I have to buy bottles because there is a limited release and then they will be standing unopened for maybe 6-12 months before opening them because I have to finish some other bottles. Such ad Bruichladdich Islay barley.

    Other times I open the bottle the same day such as when I bought a Deanston 12 years old.

    Other times they remain on the shelf for a long time standing there unopened such as Ardbeg since I don't drink Ardbeg anymore after discovering other whiskies.

    While other remain unopened because they don't fit in with the bottles that i have opened. For example, I want maximum one bottle of Lagavulin, Port Charlotte and Laphroaig open at the same time.

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    send me the Ardbeg. what are friends for? :biggrin:

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    Looking at the value of them I think that my friend the auctioneer should get them :biggrin:

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