White Horse Cellar NO. AC 116376

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    Hello.  Through an estate I have acquired several great bottles of Whisky, and one of them is a 4/5 quart unopened bottle of a blended White Horse Cellar NO. AC 116376.  It has all of the original labels and the box.  I am looking to get a valuation for it.  Based on what I have found online it might range from $200 - $700 USD.  Here is a URL with some information I found.  Can anyone here provide some additional information?


    "An old bottling of White Horse Blended whisky with the popular spring cap closure. We estimate that this was bottled in the 1950s and carries the royal warrant for Her Majesty The Queen.  Please note that this is an old bottle and the closure may have deteriorated; care should be taken when opening the bottle. As such, the item is sold as described."

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    This is not easy, because there is close to no market for these bottles. When you find a buyer for 200, then this bottle is worth 200. And if you find one for 500 - well then it is worth 500.

    Kind regards, Horst Luening, Master Taster, Whisky.com
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    A lot of a bottle's value is based upon both the general age of the bottle, and the condition of it's contents, labels & seals...Market interest, Economic Health, and other factors can contribute to the rise & fall of values on collectible bottles.

    The best place to start is by providing a few clear photos of you bottle, showing the content level (standing position), main label, and any associated tax stamps/strips: From there, the bottle's age can be determined, and conditional assessment's made.

    Once those factors have been determined, then it's simply a matter of comparing the most recent public auction results for similar bottles... I watch 19 international auction each month to keep tabs on the shifts in values & interests of spirits collectors.

    If you can post some photos of your bottles, I'd be more than happy to assist you learning more about them!


    Walter C Hurst


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